Versatile Arch in Sport Shop

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The Arch suite of retail products are scalable depending on the size of operation, but also versatile in store type application. Arch Retail was recently implemented in Brian Bands Sports, a well-known sport equipment store in Port Elizabeth. The store, rich in tradition, was founded in 1958 and has been in the family since. The store offers a wide variety of products (3,500) and 16,500 individual labels had to be printed for go-live. Arch is operational on 3 POS points and one BO machine. Michael Bester, co-owner of the store stated that they made the decision to go with Arch because of its rich functionality, which will allow them to take the business to the next level. We welcome Michael and John Cooney, his partner, to the Arch family and salute the PE Arch office on a professional implementation.  

Happy moment for Michael Bester (Brian Bands), David Geldenhuys (Arch, HO), Armand Barnard (Arch, EC) and John Cooney (Brian Bands)


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