Protea Sport Star in Arch Team

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Elzanne Cronje, Solutions Architect at Spinnaker, is the current captain of the Protea Ladies Shore Angling Team. The team participated late last year in the World Championships on the Welsh Coast at Llandudno. It was a challenge of note for our ladies to angle in vastly unknown territory and only had insight into local conditions through their Belgian guide. The competition ran over 5 days, of which the first day was a practice session. Now for the good news… through pure guts and endurance our ladies walked away with a second place and the first South African angling team ever to win a medal at a World Championship! Three of the team members were in the top 10, with Kabous Louw taking gold and Elzanne in an admirable 6th place. Congratulations Elzanne from the Arch team on this wonderful achievement! It is clear that you are not only good at catching bugs, but also fish…


A proud team! 


Elzanne showing off her medal.

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