POS Technology Trends for 2016

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Your POS systems needs to move with the times

Online shopping is taking over, and the brick-and-mortar retail sector needs to stay one step ahead to ensure relevance and longevity. How do they do that? By evolving their operations, which focuses largely on their POS systems. With the spotlight on POS and how it’s going to make life easier for the consumer, trends have set in and are evolving quickly. We take a look at what 2016 holds in store for the world of old-school shopping.


More integration


As retailers look for solutions to reduce labour, maintain firmer control on stock and prices, and meet the pressures of immediate supply and demand, it’s become apparent that integration and consolidation are the only way forward. A fully equipped POS system that integrates the management of cash flow, records, and monitors stock control and price fluctuations is the new must-have item for 2016.


Expansion into mobility


Much like responsive e-commerce sites that allow you shop from whichever digital device you’re using today, mobile POS system demands are on the rise. Wireless and mobile systems are essential today given that retailers have no choice but to become more flexible according to the client demands. Mobile POS systems allow businesses to attend to clients where they stand or sit. No more queuing systems for clients, or staff looking for products. Wireless POS allows companies to find what they need when they need it, take payments from clients wherever they’re seated, and receive or dispatch orders from anywhere in the store.


All-in-one convenience


Consumers now know that it is possible to withdraw money, pay accounts, purchase electricity and airtime while paying for their groceries, all at the same time. If your company doesn’t offer this all-in-one shopping convenience, you’re going to lose customers. POS systems known as Integrated Value Adds are fast becoming a regular fixture in supermarkets, post offices and various retail stores across the country. Value-adds don’t just make it easy for your consumers, it promotes return business in your target market.


Tablet POS increasing


Smaller businesses that want to get ahead of the POS boom, but are not large enough to justify installing a wide-scale system, are looking at tablet systems. Considered the next big thing for smaller retailers, tablets with POS software allow retailers to monitor their stock, make bookings for clients, take credit card payments, and oversee stock records from one device. It’s the wave of the future and 2016 looks set to pave the way for the tablet POS market.


Cutting edge


Younger consumers such as millennials have only interacted with retail systems that meet their immediate demands, so retailers need to be on the cutting edge of that type of service. POS systems meet those needs thanks to the wireless integration and in-touch features. Old cash registers are old POS systems that are now nothing more than retro décor that serves to give a shop a vintage look and feel. It’s time to look towards the future of retail solutions.


If you’re ready to move your company into the digital and technological future, contact Arch Software today for a system that meets not only your clients’ needs, but your business requirements too.

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