Make running your business more convenient with a POS

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Make informed decisions for your business with a good POS

A good Point of Sale (POS) these days seems ubiquitous. You see them in most stores, but smaller businesses often don’t want to invest in a POS, thinking they can keep control without one. Some of them think it’s quaint to still operate an old school cash register. Wrong.


There is absolutely no reason to think that a good POS won’t do your business, and you, the world of good. The convenience aside, it just makes good business sense, let’s discover why.


Keep your cash register – just don’t use it

Cash registers are great as mementos, they make for cute décor items and memories,  there really is no use for it, and cash registers can actually harm your business. This is because you don’t gather the records and information that a POS will give you.


What can a POS do?

A POS is not a just a fancy computer, it comes with a range of attachments and accessories, all designed to make the running of your store(s) simpler and more seamless.


This includes:


  • Cash drawer

It might not go ‘ka-ching,’ but it still works like a normal cash register drawer, allowing you to store your cash safely and securely. The difference being that the sale is recorded on a computer system, updating your sales records as it happens. You don’t need to wait for cash-up to see how your business is doing on any given day.


  • Barcode scanner

All items sold are scanned and the information is entered onto your system, allowing you to keep tabs on both stock and sales – simple and convenient. The information is available on a network at any time, allowing diction makers to make informed decisions on the go. If there is a problem you can fix it immediately. You don’t need to wait for the end of the day to discover any issues.


  • Receipt printer

Yes, your POS system can come with a receipt printer or attach to an existing one. This is standard at any store but legally anyone who purchases any item must receive a receipt.


  • Credit card reader

A separate item but one that will also connect to your POS. Whether you buy a new card reader or own an existing one, it will also work seamlessly with your POS.


When you buy a POS, many of these items will come as extras that are pre-configured to work with your POS, or they can be figured to ensure that everything works together as one connected system.


Why is a POS so convenient?

It provides you with immediate, up-to-date information with regards to your stock levels,  sales and profitability. Every time a sale is recorded, adjustments will be made to your inventory level, providing real-time information for the relevant people.


This means that if your store in Johannesburg is selling huge amounts of one item you can act before you run out. If a Cape Town branch is sitting with large numbers of any one stock item, they can be shifted to a store that sells more of them.


The information you gather from a POS simply allows you to easily record stock movements but also to make real-time decisions based on the latest information.


Real-time gross profits information on products sold, also allows for price maintenance on-the-go, thus protecting profitability.


If you want to find out more or see how a POS can benefit your business, simply contact Cape Town’s specialist POS suppliers.

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