Integrated Value-added Services and Arch Retail

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Arch provides Arch Users’ an edge by optimising operational efficiency, whilst also improving shopper experience.  This requires continually incorporating cutting edge technologies in existing and new Arch functionality and/or integrations to best of breed Value Added Services (“VAS”) assurance partners (preferred service provider).  Existing Arch Retail (“AR”) VAS interfaces are to provide Arch Users’ with Card Payment, Virtual Goods Sales, Virtual Voucher Sales and Virtual Services (bill payments, loyalty, money transfers, bus tickets, ERP interface, electronic shelf labels) functionalities.  Assurance Partners are carefully selected against stringent predetermined criteria regarding functionality, innovation, technical ability, cost and ethical standards.  As AR is mission critical to Arch Users’ operations, interface development follows a highly structured process which includes code reviews, rigorous quality assurance testing and piloting, ensuring delivery of a seamless accredited validated solution which does not compromise AR’s integrity.  Hence, Spinnaker’s framework agreement requires prior written approval for Arch to be used in conjunction with or merged with other software. Furthermore, selection of a single assurance partner enables Spinnaker, due to potential economies of scale, to negotiate competitive sustainable fees for the benefit of all. 


It has come to Spinnaker’s attention that Arch Users are being targeted by some non-accredited VAS services providers falsely asserting that an AR interface exists to their solution and/or indicating that an interface is easily developed and/or attempting to totally disintermediate Spinnaker.  Given the mission critical nature of AR, we call Arch Users to caution when approached by any non-accredited VAS service provider and to consult with their Spinnaker key account manager (branch manager) in this regard.  This allows Spinnaker to assess the merits and value proposition of the service offering or to advise Arch Users of existing functionality.


In summary, Arch is an integrated retail management solution, offering all the required functionality to optimise store efficiency. The quality and integrity of the overall solution is non-negotiable and therefore a structured process of VAS integrations are strictly required.  

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