Gearing up for Easter

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The Easter shopping season has arrived

Easter holidays are around the corner. This means extra foot traffic through shopping malls and stores. Retailers are kept on their toes as they try to make sure everything and everyone is prepared for the rush of customers.

While profitability is great this time of the year, retailers need to keep up with their consumers’ needs. So how can retailers remain calm in the midst of the storm?

You need to step into the shoes of the consumers. Their number one priority during the Easter weekend is to get what they need and spend less time in-store. The key to a busy Easter period is to ensure that retailers manage their stores efficiently, leading up to the long weekend. Below are a few tips to help you out.


Stock up

Shelves need to be fully stocked, especially on seasonal items that sell like hot cakes. Customers become irate if they’re looking for marshmallow Easter eggs and find none. If a product is sold out, let your customers know. It shows loyalty and that you care about what they need and want. The idea is to get customers to return to the store after the long weekend.


Amp up the POS

Accurate pricing and a clear Point of Sale (POS) assistance is essential to attract and eventually retain your customer base. Messaging is the key to attracting customers to make purchases while in store. Cross merchandising chocolate and other Easter related goods (hot cross buns) is a great way to increase the consumers’ baskets. Dedicate areas in the store to showcase Easter products. Consumers also use this occasion for family gatherings and to prepare special meals; so focus on food that is fresh.


Easter spirit

Decorate your store to mark the occasion – use colourful banners to advertise product promotions and have staff hand out samples of chocolate or Easter eggs. If you get into the Easter spirit, your customers will too, and you’ll make their shopping experiences more pleasant.


Also remember to make sure there is ample parking and easy access to the store or shopping mall.


Here’s to a successful Easter period.

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