Arch Wall of Fame

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The suit of Arch Retail products are running in a variety of store types, including supermarkets, wholesalers, liquor stores, butcheries, bakeries, convenience stores, fresh produce, hardware stores and cosmetic stores.


The versatility of the solution lies in its scalability. It can cater for the management needs of a spectrum of store sizes, anything from a small 1-POS store to mega stores with in excess of 50 POS points. 

However, the Arch family includes some exceptional stores and groups which demand special mention due to their uniqueness. 

We recently created a wall of fame at head office as well as at each of our six branches countrywide to honour these extraordinary family members. Going forward, the monthly newsletter will feature one of these groups or stores. 

This month we feature President Hyper Krugersdorp. It is our largest store in terms of number of Arch points, boasting a total of 114 POS and BO points.


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