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It is a known fact that Arch as a software operational management tool is comprehensive in its functionality.


arch training

The real benefits of the Arch suite of products will only be enjoyed once it is optimally employed in the business. There are many instances (also see article in this newsletter) where this was seen. Given the importance of improving the skills and knowledge base of Arch users, we have always placed huge importance on initial training, as well as follow-up training to ensure this aspect is addressed.

We have recently seen the birth of the Florisbad Arch Training Centre. Florisbad, approximately 60km north of Bloemfontein is world renowned in archaeological circles for the discovery in 1932 of the Florisbad skull.


Craig Rawson, a seasoned retailer with 33 years of experience, consultant to the retail industry and long-time Arch Super User, when still in retail management, is the brainchild and dynamo behind this. He has established a training facility of note with lecture rooms and a practical computer training room with 30 back office workstations. The facility also offers on-site accommodation and catering. The planning is to offer 4 to 5 day courses, where general retail training will be done in conjunction with an Arch specific module. Craig is in process of evaluating the course structure and content with selected trainees and once completed, it will be officially
launched (mid to end-January 2018).

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