Arch Software Assurance Program & Assurance Partners

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Supermarkets have been identified as essential service providers during lockdown. To date the stores and their personnel have at large received praise for facing up to the challenges during these trying times. There was however also negative press coverage and social media postings on “price gauging” during lockdown.

Arch Software Assurance Program & Assurance Partners

Arch Products (“Arch”) offers an integrated retail management solution which is rich in functionality to give Users an Edge, increase operational efficiency, profitability and ultimately cash flow.  

To ensure Arch Users have the Edge in a highly competitive and ever evolving retail environment, Spinnaker adopted the Arch Software Assurance Program (“ASAP”). The program aims to continuously enhance Arch to meet these challenges. A portion of the Arch Recurring Fee is allocated to fund the ASAP. ‘Arch Passion Your Edge’  

Assurance Partners  

As part of ASAP, agreements are concluded with specialist companies offering complimentary products/services. These are included in the Arch offering as an off-the-shelf solution.  Assurance Partners are rigorously vetted ensuring there are shared values and a passion to deliver value to Users.    

ASAP offers Arch Users significant benefits, such as:

  • Best-of-breed solutions
  • Cost efficient – no upfront development costs
  • Speed to market, as the solution is tried and tested
  • Long term enhancements covered by assurance program
  • Single point of contact via Spinnaker’s User Assistance Desk, ensuring structured/coordinated support
  • An ever-relevant retail management solution evolving with the retail environment  

Assurance Partner Solutions under ASAP:

  • Integrated card payment at POS (EFT)
  • Virtual airtime
  • Data communications
  • Loyalty rewards and gift card
  • Cash handling
  • Fuel/Forecourt
  • E-commerce (online shopping)
  • B2B (business to business with suppliers)
  • Specialised warehouse management
  • Data backup & security  

Arch Assurance Partners:

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