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More than rewarding loyalty – a powerful integrated marketing platform


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The challenges of acquiring and keeping loyal customers
  • In today’s competitive environment you better have a value proposition to attract and retain customers, or somebody else will
  • Loyalty programmes are growing worldwide as a means to reward customer loyalty in a tangible manner
  • Acquiring and keeping loyal customers is the cornerstone of building a profitable, thriving business
  • Loyalty is a symbiotic relationship between store and loyal customer, where both gain from it
  • Choosing or staying with an existing store is an easy and enjoyable mental shortcut
  • Loyalty is a strong emotion – purchase decision-making is 70% emotional and 30% rational
  • Loyalty programmes either have a points-earned or instant gratification in the form of CashBack
  • Retailers assume a loyalty programme will ‘cost’ them money while providing very uncertain returns
  • Program status data must be accurate and easily accessible to establish and build consumer trust
The solution

  • Arch Loyalty benefits to Customer:
    • Price discounts, special deals and participation in competitions
    • No card/membership joining fee
    • Instant gratification (CashBack at POS) – on basket size, combo or product(s)
    • CashBack earned can be tendered at POS
    • Rands awarded and balance are displayed on till slips
    • Bank-your-change – have your coins added to balance on card
    • Gift cards – can be loaded on loyalty card or dedicated card
    • Balance enquiry in-store (self-service kiosk) or on-line
  • Arch Loyalty benefits to Retailer:
    • Combats competitors’ offers
    • Customer rewards are respent in the store
    • Obtains customer data for target marketing (product preferences and buying behaviours)
    • Direct marketing channel, via sms – 90% of sms’ read within 3 minutes
    • Increased basket sizes – loyalty members spend on average more than double
    • Allows for growth in turnover, without sacrificing profitability
    • Facilitates effective campaigns, with measurable returns
    • Presents an integrated competition platform – internal or supplier backed
    • Different rewards percentages can be applied to different products
    • Differentiated rewards percentages to members (e.g. pensioners)
    • Involve suppliers in campaigns (carrying part of costs and offering product level rewards)
    • An array of powerful management reports to measure system performance


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