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Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty products have increased in prominence and popularity. They are a means to attract and maintain valued customers in a very competitive retail environment while providing the retailer with valuable customer information upon which direct marketing campaigns can be devised. Loyalty programs are a very important component in interactive customer engagement, the buzz word in modern marketing.


This demand in the market has dictated the launch of Arch Infinity as part of Spinnaker’s suite of value-added products. It is a customer loyalty program which integrates with Arch Retail at point-of-sale and was developed in conjunction with our business partner, One-One.


Arch Infinity offers the retailer a comprehensive product which not only addresses the loyalty requirement, but also gathers personal customer information required to design targeted marketing campaigns. It provides management reports rich in product information as well as customer information related to buying patterns and behavior.


Arch Infinity gives customers cash back on designed campaigns and designated products. Customers have proved to prefer cash back over points earned, since the rewards in cash terms are more tangible and less confusing. For more information or to request a demo, please contact Wynand Small (084 259 4436 or 021 556 2724). Alternatively send a request on

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Donor to Carel du Toit Centre

The Carel du Toit Centre for Hearing Impaired Children was founded in 1973 by Prof Carel du Toit, an ear, nose and throat surgeon and head of the ENT Department at Tygerberg Hospital. The centre specialises in early intervention programmes for hearing impaired children.


The facility has grown over the years. From 1980 the Western Cape Education Department became involved and started providing teaching posts as well as an annual subsidy to the Centre. Financial means are, however, limited and thus additional funds to maintain and grow this wonderful facility are essential to its sustainability.


Arch Retail Systems got involved with the centre through OK Foods, our largest corporate client. After three years of being a corporate donor, we are proud to announce another year of financial assistance to this amazing centre, where miracles are performed in young children’s lives, providing them with a second chance in life.


Says David Geldenhuys (MEO, Arch Retail Systems), “Every year I go on a guided tour of the centre and every year I’m amazed at the abundance of love and caring for these special children. The patience and tenacity of the teaching personnel are up there with the best.” On a recent visit, the donor commitment for this year was confirmed by David. (See photograph with Ruth Bourne, principal, and Valerie van der Merwe, senior fundraiser).

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President Hyper Vaal The Legend Grows

President Hyper opened its doors November last year to expectant customers in the Vaal Triangle.


The success recipe of the two existing stores, President Hyper Fochville and President Hyper Krugersdorp, was used in the design of the store. A number of innovative ideas were also incorporated to make this 10,000 m² store a unique shopping experience. A recent addition is the President Liquor store that gives customers a one-stop shopping experience. It is a Hyper store, where Basil Synodinos, owner and entrepreneur, compete head-on with the major corporate chains.


Arch is proud to be the point-of-sale (POS) solution of choice, not only in Vaal Liquor & Hyper but also in the Fochville and Krugersdorp stores. The 72 pay-points of Vaal Hyper & Liquor are equipped with Arch TowerPOS All-in-one Touchscreen machines with scanner and slip printer built in. The LCD customer display screens are utilized for internal advertising and advertising space is also rented out. The POS point is integrated with Cash Guard, an automated cash handling system. The Vaal operation is also added to their existing Arch Enterprise grid, a centralised retail management system that ensures tight management control.


President Hyper Vaal has been the largest individual store implementation for Arch to date. Arch salutes Basil and his team for growing the President Hyper legend and is privileged to be their technology business partner.

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TowerPOS Popular Point-of-Sale Option

A check-out point in modern retail is an important component of the customer’s shopping experience. It is the place where customers expect the products they selected to be rung up accurately and efficiently, and where they tender their payment. The look and feel of the check-out counter, including the POS device, must impress the customer as the last interaction they have with the store.


At Arch Retail Systems, we give great attention to select the best available technology to make the check-out point not only efficiently operational, but also functional and appealing. Product offering to ensure durability and low maintenance in harsh African retail conditions has always been our strategy.


One such option is the TowerPOS machine – an elegant all-in-one touchscreen, with vertical scanner and 80mm thermal printer built in. The TowerPOS uses the latest ATOM technology, ensuring high processing performance for speed of transaction. Moreover, it is equipped with the top rated, energy efficient ATOM D525 CPU (processing unit). Store or group branding of the customer signing plate gives the check-out a personal touch. The machine has a relatively small footprint, ensuring optimal space utilization, it is fan-less, resulting in low maintenance, and because of its proven durability, it carries a three year warranty. Demand for the machine has grown substantially. Currently it is the POS device of choice at Cambridge Food, President Hyper, Food Lovers Market and OK Foods.


For more information or a demo of the equipment, contact Wynand Small on 084 259 4436 or 021 556 2724. Alternatively send a request on

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Arch Enterprise Gaining in Stature


At Arch we understand that retail data can be tricky and inconsistent. That’s why we developed Arch Enterprise (AE).


AE is a master data operational management system for multi-store businesses or wholesale stores facilitating central management control from HO to multi-stores. In short, it collects and consolidates sales information and centrally manages critical merchandising data down to the stores.


When data is centrally managed, it can be duplicated across multiple systems. It also means you have access to important real-time information when you need it most. As with all our solutions, AE is built to fully integrate with our Arch Retail in-store system. AE is critical for establishing, managing and growing multi-store operations through access to real-time accurate information flowing to and from the stores.


To date AE has been implemented at 18 groups, totaling 262 stores. Our latest and biggest implementation thus far is currently in progress at the OK Foods Group, franchise division of Shoprite Checkers, where 100+ stores are already operational on AE. Please contact Wynand Small for further information or to request a demo (084 259 4436 or 021 556 2724). Alternatively send a request on

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