Arch Footprint Growing in Botswana

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Arch Retail was recently implemented in Trans Cash & Carry Gaborone – the first of 16 Trans stores in Botswana. The addition of the Trans stores will strengthen the footprint in Botswana, where 66 sites are already running on Arch. 


Trans Cash & Carry Gaborone is a hybrid retail/wholesale operation which offers a comprehensive range of groceries and liquor.  This impressive store operates on 28 Arch Retail licenses, the in-store solution. Arch Enterprise (AE), the Enterprise Merchandise Management system, is at present being implemented and will play an important role going forward in managing Trans’ master data, merchandising and business intelligence, while Arch Financial Integration  provides a seamless flow of store operational data  to Sage Evolution. Special mention must be made of the joint project team that made this complex implementation a reality. We especially thank Hiten Upadhyay and his team for selecting Arch as their solution of choice and we are privileged to join forces with Trans in taking their business to the next level of efficiency and profitability. 




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