Arch Enterprise Gaining in Stature

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Arch Enterprise (“AE”) developed by Spinnaker Software, centralizes control and reporting for multi store enterprises, and seamlessly integrates with the widely used Arch Retail system. Its AE’s flexible design allows management to select the level of centralization on the various processes in a typical retail business, especially useful for traditional de-centralized businesses seeking to gradually migrate to a more centralized model. Maintaining and optimising efficiency in a multi-store enterprise is challenging and even more so in an expanding group.


AE consist of the following four modules:


  • AE Framework – Configuration of the trading environment, such as regions, divisions, stores, merchandising and selling price zones;
  • Master Data – facilitates central management and publishing of master data records such as articles, suppliers, customers and categories;
  • Logistics – allows publishing of centrally managed supplier deals & list prices, sales prices, campaigns and centralised replenishment (Purchase orders);
  • Business Intelligence (“BI”) – Upload of store transactional data (sales, debtors, inventory, product adjustments, goods receipt and automated claims) and BI Reporting on such data, in short.
  • DX (data exchange) – robust synchronisation system, which manages the up and download of data between AE and Arch Retail, has proven its resilience on local infrastructure.


Using AE to centrally managed data allows uniformity across multiple Arch User sites in a group, and access to important real-time information as and when required.  AE Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, which can be customised to address specific client needs, are web-based and accessible via a set up web-view, empowering the store owner/manager to keep tabs on their operations from anywhere on the globe.  Hence, the use of AE is critical for establishing, managing and growing multi-site enterprises.



AE demand is growing since it established itself as an indispensable tool in optimizing management control, efficiencies and thus potential operational growth.  AE has to date been implemented in 31 groups, totalling 684 sites, with a further 6 groups (49 sites) in process of implementation. AE runs in a wide variety of groups, from multinational corporates such as OK Foods, Masscash, Ultra Liquors and Sefalana, to smaller independent groups such as Excellent Meat.  The fact that AE is successfully implemented at 15 smaller groups (3 to 10 sites), lays to rest the perception in the market that an enterprise solution is costly and only used by larger groups.


Please contact Paul Gleed for further information or to request a demo (082 455 2664 or 021 556 2724). Alternatively send a request on


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