4 Reasons why a POS System Increases Productivity

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Most retail business owners today are aware of how a Point-of-Sale (POS) system is beneficial in tracking your store’s sales, but what many don’t know is the boost in productivity this tool can give your business. Here are four reasons why:


  1. No room for errors

A POS system eliminates transaction mistakes with the technology to ring up customers’ purchases using a scanner for bar codes, instead of the cashier having to manually enter the SKU number or the price of each item, which would be the case if you were still using a cash register. If your store has a limited inventory, you will benefit even more from a touchscreen POS device with preset keys, which will further reduce transaction errors.

Not only does it combat errors, it also allows your staff to work faster more easily. We all know how the shops get around the festive season. Don’t allow your customers to walk out once they’ve seen how long the queue is at the till. Your cashiers’ lives will be made easier, with less pressure and happy customers to serve too.


  1. A step up in inventory management

When your POS system includes an inventory management module, productivity is taken to new heights. You are able to make inventory purchasing decisions a lot faster and more accurately because you can base your orders on historical data of sales instead of a decision made off the top of your head. Once you get to the point where your stock purchasing reaches predetermined levels, you are also able to program your POS system to generate re-orders. This eliminates the risk of you running low on stock levels, ensuring you always have enough of the right items in store, at the right time. You will also see that waste and over-stocking will be minimised.


  1. Schedule your staff efficiently

POS systems with integrated attendance and timesheet modules, or a staff schedule module, means you have instant access to staff rosters and scheduling data that allows you to easily compare the traffic patterns of the store with the levels in your staff on a particular day or during a shift. With this data, you are able to determine exactly the amount of shop assistants need to be scheduled to work each upcoming shift, and at what specific times. In this way, you will never have too many or too few employees on the shop floor to accommodate your business operation’s needs at any given time, lessening the chance of unnecessary labour expenses.


  1. Happy customers means loyal patrons

When your business processes are running smoothly thanks to the efficiency of a POS system, it will manifest onto your customers. They will see how efficiently things run in your store through the adequate stock levels, and the few mistakes made by the cashier. The happier the shopper, the more likely they will spend in your store and give positive feedback about your business. POS systems don’t just help out your business operations, they also have a positive effect on your bottom line.


In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving society, it is important that your business stays up-to-date with the latest POS technology. Consumers’ needs have progressed and so have their expectations when it comes to how fast transactions are. A POS system is by far the fastest and most effective way to serve your customers and streamline your processes.

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