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Our Business Philosophy


All software solutions are developed in-house and go through a stringent quality testing protocol to ensure cutting edge products


We are leading the market by continuously introducing new innovative software and hardware products through interactive engagement in our client base, as well as the broader retail market


We are your business partner, ensuring joint success through top notch support from both our Head Office, as well as the national network of Branches


Passion for our business is what sets us apart. Not only do we have a passion for retail, but also for the success and growth of our clients – “Arch Passion Your Edge”

Arch Software Product Range

Arch Retail

Integrated in-store solution, comprising a number of versatile management modules, integrating all operational functions into a single centralised system.  The two main areas of application are the Point-of-Sale and the Back-Office. Arch furthermore  integrates with a number of Value Add’s.

Arch Enterprise

It is a master data operational management system for multi-store retail and wholesale operations.  In short, it allows for centralised product management functions at Head Office level, it downloads merchandising information to the stores, but also uploads store transactional data.

Arch Mobile

Arch runs on a hand-held Personal Digital Assistant which gives store personnel on-the-floor, real-time management capabilities and access to store performance information.  Includes the following functionality: receive stock (goods receiving); stock transactions (stock enquiry, label printing, sales enquiries & price changes); security checks (validate sales invoice).

Arch Loyalty

Acquiring and keeping loyal customers is the cornerstone of building a profitable, thriving retail operation.  Loyalty is a symbiotic relationship between a store and a customer, where both gain from the relationship.  An integrated Arch solution was developed to give the retailer a loyalty product offering, which rewards the customer, but also provides the retailer with valuable personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Arch Financial Integration

Sound financial data is essential to minimise risks, maximise profits and provide financiers, owners and shareholders with the information required to make sound investment decisions.  Arch Financial Integration (AFI) provides finance software integration services enabling automated, seamless flow of operational retail data from Arch Retail (in-store) to Sage Evolution, Syspro or SAP.

Arch Value Adds

Retailers continuously strive to improve customer shopping experience and increase value added operational efficiency across the business. We identified these areas and developed integrated functionality required to streamline the operation. These Value Add’s are fully integrated with Arch Retail.

Arch Fuel

Traditional fuel retail sites have two separate solutions for the forecourt and the convenience store, resulting in two different sets of operational and management data. We developed the all-in-one integrated Arch Fuel solution, which addresses the needs of both the convenience store and the forecourt. This ensures consolidated management control and performance reporting.

Why Choose Arch Software

The Arch suite of products combine to form an integrated retail management solution. These include Arch Retail (in-store management system), Arch Enterprise (Head Office management system), Arch Mobile (in-store mobile management capability), Arch Loyalty (customer loyalty rewards), Arch Financial Integration (integrated financial solution), Arch Fuel (all-in-one integrated forecourt solution) and Arch Value Added Services (integrated into Arch to provide a complete retail management solution). Depending on the size of your store(s) and the complexity/magnitude of your specific retail operation (number of stores), varying number of Arch components will be required to ensure an optimal management solution. The benefit of our Arch solution is the fact that it is scalable – you can start small with all the relevant functionality required. Arch will enhance your operational efficiency and profitability to the point where growth is achieved. At any point-in-time, additional Arch functionality available in the integrated suite of products, can be added. In short, “you will grow with Arch, and Arch will grow with you”

Hardware Product Range

We have a range of innovative durable hardware suited to the
harshest retail conditions in Africa

Point of Sale Equipment


Back Office Machines


arch point of sale Back Office Arch Hardware



arch point of sale Servers Arch Hardware

Personal Digital Assistant



In-Store Price Checkers


arch point of sale Price Checkers Arch Hardware

Hardware Peripherals


More Hardware


arch point of sale more hardware

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