Integrated Value Adds (VA’s)

Today’s shoppers are looking for a more convenient shopping experience. At Arch we’re all about helping you to enhance that experience. We also understand you need additional value added operational efficiency across your entire business. Arch VA’s are fully integrated with Arch software and can increase:

  • Customer interest
  • Sales
  • Operational efficiency
  • Security
  • Access to real time information
  • Overall profitability of your retail business

1. Electronic Funds Transfer


This allows for the electronic transfer of funds at POS.  Switching through Arch POS software means a convenient, speedy, hassle-free transaction for your customers at all check-out points.  Integrated EFT at all till-points increases flow and reduces fraudulent transactions, since the cashiers do not leave their posts to process the transaction away from the customer.  Debit and credit cards are catered for.


Arch value adds EFT
Arch Value Adds virtual airtime

2. Virtual Airtime (Pre-paid Airtime):


This technology allows you to manage and sell pre-paid airtime more efficiently.  It is a low risk integrated facility at POS, since you do not keep physical stock.  Stock is replenished on a server at store-level.  The best part is you only pay for pre-paid airtime stock once it is sold to a customer.  Selling virtual airtime at till-point is easy and convenient for you customers and can help to increase turnover.  Airtime can also be advertised at POS using LED customer display screens.

3. Automated Cash Handling


Automated cash handling is the latest generation of software for secure, closed cash management.  CashGuard® is the leading provider of cash management solutions for the retail industry.  It’s fully compatible with Arch Retail.  CashGuard automates and seals the cash handling process from POS to cash pick-up.  Customers always get the correct change, it’s easy to use, and can be scaled to fit as many check-out points as necessary.

Arch Value Adds automated cash handling
arch loyalty

4. Arch Loyalty


Arch offers an integrated Loyalty/Rewards program at POS, to the benefit of both retailer and customer. The program rewards the customer for shopping loyalty, whilst it allows the retailer to build a personal relationship with the customer, through which he gathers personal information which can be used in direct marketing campaigns