Arch Point of Sale (POS) Software for Bakeries

Arch has Universal functionality benefiting any retailer, such as:


  • Pro-active product price maintenance
  • Automated product order schedule
  • Tight security measures through user

  • Swift and accurate cash-up procedure
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Arch mobile functionality for on-the-
    floor control and management

  • Real-time profitability management
  • Automated supplier claims
  • Uninterrupted trading in the event of server and/or network failure (safe mode)


How does Arch benefit Bakeries specifically?


  • Bulk breaking to accurately calculate yields
  • Pre-production module
  • Bill-of-materials
  • Suitable for stand-alone or service department


Our Bakery Clients


"We started with the basic Arch POS, but with time extended to obtain a complete stock control system, as well as making use of the extended reporting functionalities. We have recently also acquired the Head Office system, which allows us immediate and easy access to information, critical in any fast-paced retail environment. Spinnaker has always been available to listen to our needs, and at times have done major system development for us, exceeding our requirements and expectations. We always experience a high level of professionalism from their committed team members, who stay current with new developments at all times. Our relationship with them has always been one of complete trust and transparency"

Lillian Mitchell - Systems Manager, Excellent Meat Group

"We have a long-standing relationship with Arch Retail, dating back to 2007, when all our Wholesale stores were converted to Arch. In the interim we have also grown our Retail operation. We currently have a total of 29 Wholesale and 20 Retail stores operational on Arch. We have also implemented Arch Enterprise, a central Head Office management system which has given us centralised control over listing and pricing of merchandise. Most recently Infinity, an integrated loyalty system has also been implemented at all of our stores. The Arch suite of products and the professional support thereof, has been instrumental in our operational success"

David Levin - Sefalana Group (Botswana)

"Arch has been with Cambridge Food since the inception of our business some 6 or 7 years ago. As a robust POS system, we have utilised the full back office functionality and stock management capabilities to the fullest. Our business is expanding regionally and Arch through Spinnaker Software Management have been able to grow and develop alongside us successfully, so much so that we have been able to develop full integration between Arch central module and SAP Retail to give us the best in class finance, retail and forecasting systems to manage our business into the future."

Bonnie MacAdam - Business Systems Manager, Cambridge Food

"We started off with the basic POS system. With time, we have extended our utilisation of the system to obtain a complete stock control system and to make use of its extended reporting range. The Head Office system allows us immediate and easy access to information, critical in any fast paced retail environment. We have no hesitation in recommending Arch to any prospective clients."

Lillian Mitchell - Systems Manager, Excellent Meat Group