Arch Retail

A complete in-store retail management system


The Arch Retail in-store system includes various management modules to streamline operational efficiency in the store. The system includes detailed journals of all transactions and logs of all user activities.  Comprehensive management reports are generated from the in-store trading data.


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  • Purchase orders
  • Goods receipt
  • Automated and manual claiming function
  • Stock control (stock take and stock adjustments)
  • Point-of-sale
  • Sales (quotes, sales orders and invoicing)
  • Debtors control
  • Promotions
  • Cashier cash-up



In-store system software functionality
Arch Retail systems pos machines



Per supplier replenishment system

Our system notifies the operator when orders are due. Your purchase orders are generated at the lowest possible cost price in the system. Quantities are calculated automatically according to:


  • Product demand
  • Supplier lead times
  • Supplier order cycle
  • Available stock and
  • Minimum days stock


2. Goods receipts


Goods receipts are captured against purchase orders. Overcharges, short deliveries and rejected claims are raised automatically. Goods returns (returns to supplier) are processed at last invoiced cost.


3. Serial number tracking


Our goods receiving and return transactions function allows for serial number tracking. Operators are prompted to enter serial numbers on items flagged for serial number tracking.


Arch retail systems busy store

4. Receiving, stock and creditor control integration


Our receiving system is fully integrated with the stock and creditor control system. Stock quantities, landed cost, weighted average cost, and the creditor ledger are automatically updated.


5. Purchase orders


Purchase orders can be electronically submitted to suppliers and electronic supplier invoices can be received


6. Stock control


Stock take and stock adjustment transactions

There are two types of stock take transactions – global and partial. Global allows for annual or bi-annual stock takes for financial reporting. Partial (cycle accounts) are conducted for daily or weekly stock takes.

Stock counts and variance reports

Stock counts are recorded on count sheets assigned to specific users (counters). Count sheets perform blind takes in that they do not display theoretical stock quantities. Variance reports are available to users on a permission only basis.

When do stock adjustment transactions apply?

Stock adjustment transactions are for ad-hoc quantity adjustments (such as damage or theft etc.). Stock take transactions do not support serial number tracking and apply to owned stock (not non-consigned stock).


7. Point-of-sale (POS)


Arch point-of-sale (POS) can streamline and improve your retail business.

Fully integrated with the following modules:

  • Sales
  • Stock
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Serial number tracking


Supports the following tender types:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Charge (debtor account)
  • Manual card
  • EFT debit/credit card (integrated with EFT switch)
  • EFT direct deposits
  • Gift voucher
  • Coupon


More value-add POS system features:

  • Goods return credit note
  • Refund credit note
  • Voids (last / designated line corrections)
  • Touch and keyboard user interface
  • Debtor trading terms enforcement
  • Credit limit
  • Account terms
  • Order number
  • OTB (open to buy)
  • Call manager
  • Creditor payment from cash drawer
  • Pick-up quotations or sales orders
  • Integrated virtual token sales
  • Discounts (R amount and percentage)
arch retail systems lady at till
Arch Retail systems baskets

8. End of day


The store closing procedure takes minutes and is semi-automated. It requires minimal user input. Report printing is automated.


9. Cashier cash-up


Cash management functionality includes a:

  • Loan / pick-up (increase / decrease cashier float)
  • Cash declaration (blind cash-up)


10. Debtors


Debtors functionality:

  • Debtors ledger
  • Credit limit
  • Account term (7, 14, 21, 30, and 60+ days)
  • Age analysis
  • Statements
  • Payment receipts


11. Creditors


Creditors functionality:

  • Creditors ledger
  • Age analysis
  • Creditor payment and payment advice


12. Reporting


Reporting includes three hundred reports with drill down, filtering, and sorting capabilities. All reports are date and time driven and can be exported into PDF and Excel.  If customised reports are required, these can be designed according to specific requirements…