Arch Loyalty

Why Loyalty


Interactive engagement with your customer is the new holy grail of marketing – contributing more to customer loyalty and profitability than many other factors. Acquiring and keeping loyal customers is the cornerstone of building a profitable, thriving retail operation. Loyalty is a symbolic relationship between a store and a customer, where both gain from the relationship. An integrated Arch solution was developed with Infinty, a product of ONE/ONE to give te retailer a loyalty product offering.


Advantages to the customer


  • No card or membership joinging fee


  • Cash-back on purchases


  • Instant gratification through discount rands awarded at POS


  • The card functions as a debit card, where card balance can be tendered as payment at POS


  • Rands awarded and balance printed with each transaction on cash slip


  • Customer can check card balance on-line or in-store on Infinity terminal


  • Card can be tendered inter-store in the case of a chain store operation.


arch loyalty infinity logo
Advantages to Retailer:


  • Cheaper to retain: It is less expensive to retain current customers than it is to seek new ones


  • Discuss experiences positively: Loyal customers are more likely to discuss past service experiences positively than non-loyal customers


  • Secures the relationship – combats competitor offers and company’s own shortcomings


  • More accessible: loyal customers are more easily accessible than first-timers, making targeted marketing more feasible


  • Grow revenue, through increased basket size, number of feet, churn and revenue per card member


  • Build own customer data base, with tiered structure, allowing for target marketing to selected groupings (primarily through sms)


  • Effective campaign design and management, where returns are directly measurable


  • Supplier participation in campaigns, carrying part of the cost and offering product level rewards