Arch Mobile

What is Arch Mobile?


The most effective way to improve efficiency and keep labour costs under control is to minimize the time required to accurately capture and process info/data. Arch Mobile is a software solution developed by us, which is an extension of in-store Arch Retail. This mobile solution allows you to walk around your store and receiving area and carry out a number of functions in the following categories, i.e. stock receiving, stock transactions and product enquiries.


How Arch Mobile can benefit your business?


Arch Mobile gives the store owner/manager on-the-go management capability with quick accurate information allowing him/her to make on-the-floor operational decisions. Arch Mobile is installed on a handheld device and guides the user through the relevant process before committing the transaction to the server for real time processing. Communication between Arch Mobile and the Arch back-end is handled using standard wireless networking. Barcode scanning is utilized to ensure maximum speed and accuracy and the user interface is designed to be intuitive so minimal training is required.

Arch Mobile
Functions performed with Arch Mobile


Receive Stock (Goods Receiving)
  • Receive delivery on order/no order at point of entry. (receiving bay). All discrepancies and rejections are handled on the spot
  • Receive loads – scanning pallets
  • Print-out for confirmation by receiving clerk and driver


Stock Transactions
  • Stock Enquiry

Stock-on-hand of a specific product

Stock movement

Purchase history

Price change history

Bin location of product where applicable

Claims on product

  • Label Printing

Print labels from anywhere in the store by scanning the product and adding it to price change batch

  • Sales Enquiries

For a specified period on product scanned

  • Price changes

Do these on the fly


Security Check (Validate Sales Invoice)

Validate invoices printed in Arch at the security check points in the store when customers exit, allowing the user to gauge the effectiveness of security as well as prevent use of fraudulent invoices.