Arch Enterprise

What is Enterprise?


Arch Enterprise, is a specialised Enterprise Merchandise Management System, optimised for local retail requirements. It allows retailers to control and manage the following key aspects of their business centrally:

  • Master data (Articles, Categories, and Suppliers etc.),
  • Merchandise allocations,
  • Supplier deals and prices,
  • Selling prices (supports various margin models),
  • Comprehensive promotion module,
  • Centralised multi-store purchase orders,
  • Centralised and decentralised order scheduler/diary,
  • Centralised BI reporting, supports mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets


In conjunction with its proven in-store retail management system Arch® Retail, the solution offers retailers the freedom to decide on the level of centralisation on the abovementioned aspects, such as managing selling prices and purchase orders on selected products ranges, and suppliers etc. This allows retailers the freedom to decentralise some aspects where they feel they need on-the-ground decision making ability to remain competitive, or to gradually centralise a traditional decentralised business.


How can Enterprise benefit your business?


A small difference in a store’s Gross Profit margin can have a material effect on its bottom line. Maintaining and optimising efficiency in a multi-store enterprise is challenging, and becomes even more so for a business seeking to expand its footprint.


For a multi store environment it is critical to manage and control the abovementioned aspects of the business centrally. Efficiency also means the control of information or data. We place data in two main categories, master data and transactional data. Master data refers to product and supplier information, as well as supplier deals, selling prices and promotions, and creates the environment in which the business trades.


For example which products can be sold, at what price, and from whom and at what price it can be bought. Transactional data represents the interactions with customers, suppliers and internal changes in assets or liabilities. Having the appropriate information at hand is crucial in making informed decisions, and thus needs to be facilitated by the system.

Arch Enterprise
Master Data management


Maintains and centrally manages:

  • Departments
  • Articles
  • Recipes
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier deals
  • Supplier list prices
  • Selling prices
  • Campaigns
  • Purchase orders
  • Debtors


Synchronises from Arch In-store to Head Office:


  • Product adjustments
  • Production & consumption
  • Purchases
  • Generated claims
  • Sales information
  • Stock levels
  • Transaction authorizations
  • Cash-ups
  • Debtors
Business Intelligence (BI) reporting:


This is a sophisticated yet easy to use reporting service.  It’s an ideal tool for reporting or presentation purposes. That’s because valuable store data can be packaged to suit your purposes.  It allows you, the owner or manager, to create different views.  In other words your store data can now easily be analysed for:


  • Sales
  • Store cash-up
  • Purchases
  • Inventory levels
  • Operating profit
  • Stock movement



The system incorporates:


  • Merchandising zones & article allocations
  • Articles master
  • Supplier zoning & store allocations
  • Supplier master
  • Debtor & customer master
  • Campaigns
  • Selling price management & automation
  • Centralised purchase orders
  • Supplier/article list prices
arch enterprise

All master data changes and additions, as well as store transactional data are relayed between stores and AE via data exchange (DX).